Welsh Language Education

  • (Cymraeg) Taith Ysgolion Mari Lwyd 2016
  • Welsh medium Primary / Secondary Schools

    Welsh medium Primary / Secondary Schools
    YGG Pontardawe
    Alltycham Drive, Pontardawe, SA8 4JX
    Headteacher: Mr Ceri Emmanuel (Head)
    Tel: 01792 862136 Fax: 01792 862136
    Email: yggpontardawe@npted.org
    Website: http://www.yggpontardawe.ik.org
    YG Y Wern
    Clare Road, Ystalyfera, SA9 2AJ
    Headteacher: Mr Kevin Davies (Acting Head)
    Tel: 01639 842242 Fax: 01639 849108
    YGG Blaendulais
    Seven Sisters, SA10 9AA
    Headteacher: Mrs Kate Windsor Brown (Acting Head)
    Tel: 01639 700342 Fax: 01639 700342
    Email: yggblaendulais@npted.org
    Website: http://www.yggblaend.baglanit.org.uk/ 

    YGG Castell-nedd
    Woodland Road, SA11 3AL
    Headteacher: Mr Tudur Jones (Head)
    Tel: 01639 637701 Fax: 01639 639772
    Email: yggcastellnedd@npted.org
    Website: http://www.yggcn.co.uk/

    YGG Cwm Nedd
    New Street, Glynneath, SA11 5AA
    Headteacher: Mr Rhodri Sion (Head)
    Tel: 01639 720530 Fax: 01639 729175
    Email: yggcwmnedd@npted.org
    Website: http://gymraegcwmnedd.createprimary.net/

    YGG Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen
    New Road, Gwaun Cae Gurwen, SA18 1UN
    Headteacher: Mr Keri Morgan (Head)
    Tel: 01269 822238 Fax: 01269 824956
    Email: ygggwauncaegurwen@npted.org
    Website: http://www.gwauncaegurwen.baglanit.org.uk

    YGG Rhosafan
    Marine Drive, SA12 7NN
    Headteacher: Mrs Julia Griffiths (Head)
    Tel: 01639 896338 Fax: 01639 882932
    Email: yggrhosafan@npted.org
    Website: http://www.rhosafan.baglanit.org.uk/

    YGG Tyle”r Ynn
    Llansawel Crescent, SA11 2UN
    Headteacher: Mrs Sian Hart (Head)
    Tel: 01639 812229
    Email: yggtylerynn@npted.org
    Website: http://www.tylerynn.ik.org/

    YGGD Cwmgors
    Heol Y Gors, Cwmgors, SA18 1RF
    Headteacher: Mr Martyn Evans (Head)
    Tel: 01269 822306 Fax: 01269 822306
    Email: yggdcwmgors@npted.org

    YGGD Cwmllynfell
    Heol Y Bryn, Cwmllynfell, SA9 2FJ
    Headteacher: Mrs Lynne Brier (Head)
    Tel: 01639 830630
    Email: yggdcwmllynfell@npted.org

    YGGD Trebannws
    Swansea Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe, SA8 4BL
    Headteacher: Mrs Miriam Powles (Head)
    Tel: 01792 864004 Fax: 01792 830930
    Email: yggdtrebannws@npted.org
    Website: http://www.trebannws.ik.org/

    Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera
    Glan-yr-Afon, Ystalyfera, SA9 2JJ
    Headteacher: Mr Mathew Evans (Head)
    Tel: 01639 842129 Fax: 01639 845681
    Email: ygystalyfera@npted.org
    Website: http://www.ysgolgyfunystalyfera.co.uk

  • Welsh at home

    Welsh at home
    Deciding to raise your children bilingually is an important decision . Decision is going to have an influence on your life you you as parents and children .
    There are many advantages of speaking two languages . Your children can enjoy two cultures . They can also bridge between generations by speaking the same language as her grandmother and father – grandfather , grandparents , and extended family . Also , there are economic benefits . In Wales today , employers are looking for people who can speak and work in both languages .
    If you and your partner speak Welsh , more than likely you speak Welsh with each other as family . Your child will thus become fully bilingual.
    If your partner does not speak Welsh , I’m sure you’ve asked the question before your baby is born : “Do we want our children to speak Welsh? “This is a very important question you ask yourself and your partner. It is important that you discuss this and consider the views both of you . If you wish to raise your children bilingually it is important that you both see and understand the benefits of doing this. A lot of information to help you on the right side of the screen .
    If only one of you who can speak Welsh , you might want to get some advice and assistance on how to raise your children through two languages .
    We have lots of experience and expertise in Wales of raising children bilingually . We are ahead of most countries in many ways , in terms of understanding the process . So , let us share this experience together .
    Growth Plan
    Are you a parent and looking for advice and information on raising children bilingually ? A member of a family where one parent speaks Welsh and the other not , and worry about raising your child to speak more than one language? Maybe you ‘re expecting a child at the moment and want to know about the benefits of working up that child bilingually , or rather in raising bilingual children already and want more information about local events . Whatever your question is a project by the Board , Growth ( see link on right side of screen ) , a comprehensive website containing all the information you need .

    Pre-School Education
    In Wales, part-time statutory education available to every child from the term following the child’s birthday is 3 years old . Statutory education full time at the start of term following the child ‘s birthday 4.
    First Welsh-medium pre-school education providers is Nursery Schools Movement ( MYM ) .
    MYM runs a variety of provisions in all parts of Wales . You do not need that you or your child can speak Welsh to access provision.

    The Circles Nursery caters for children from 2 years old up to school age .

    Children can go to the Nursery , whether they speak Welsh or not . They offer opportunities for children to play , learn and socialize through the medium .

    At this age children’s spoken language is rapidly developing . It will give them the opportunity to make friends and enjoy playing with them through the medium set strong foundations to build upon.

    Around 550 playgroups throughout Wales , with over 10,000 children are attending . ( Figures MYM )

    Ti a Fi
    Cylch Ti a Fi caters for children from birth to school age .
    They offer opportunities for parents and carers to enjoy playing with their children in an informal atmosphere through the language, in socializing with other parents . You do not need that you or your child can speak Welsh to join the local Parent and Toddler Group . You’re welcome to join in the activities, and maybe you learn a few Gymraeg yourself on the road.

    Some Ti a Fi groups run courses ” Welsh for the Family ” presents stories , songs and rhymes in Welsh and some simple phrases to use at home .

    For further information about Nursery Schools Movement or to find your Cylch Ti a Fi or local Nursery Circle , visit their website:- www.mym.co.uk (Find a Cylch)

    Welsh at home